Charlotte Hardy

Performer, Teacher and Music Facilitator

Charlotte is a highly accomplished classical soprano with a rich background in music education and performance. Her academic achievements, including a Masters in Music Degree with distinction from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, underscore her dedication and talent in the field.

With six years of dedicated study, Charlotte has ventured into the music world as a full time freelance musician where she is a performer, music facilitator and workshop leader, as well as a music teacher in London. Her diverse range of activities as a freelance musician, demonstrates her versatility and passion for sharing her musical expertise with others. Charlotte loves to pick up new hobbies, and her recent favourites are running, crochet and learning the Ukulele.

Coming from a musical upbringing Charlotte also has experience singing with the BBC NCW, a soprano soloist for Welsh National Youth Opera, and performer for Live Music Now. She enjoys singing a range of genres, but her love for Musical Theatre and especially Opera is where her real love for music stems.

Alongside her performing career, she also has a wide range of experience with teaching people of all ages, from as young as 6 weeks to elderly people living with dementia. She is a trustee of a musical company in Cardiff, a workshop leader for English Touring Opera and also a music leader where she teaches and brings Opera into schools educating and providing musical experiences for children and adults with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) highlighting her commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in the arts.

Charlotte's passion for the arts, combined with her expertise in teaching and performance, positions her as a dynamic and influential figure in the music world. Her enthusiasm for sharing her love of music with others is what truly makes her the happiest.